Online LearningOnline Learning (part of E-learning) is technology supported learning. There is normally no face-to-face interaction that we usually see in a typical classroom approach and learning is conducted through electronic means like computer or even mobile.

There is usually a large number of equipment so as to deliver the content or instruction to the learners. It includes internet or even the LAN in a company. It can also be coined as internet or computer based learning.

Online Learning is essentially a form of distance learning which has been in existence for many years. However, unlike the typical distance learning which includes classroom, online learning can be taken at home and at your own time. The strength is that one does not need to travel to a certain location to get the learning done, however, the disadvantage is that if one is stuck, there is no one to be able to guide through closely.

Nevertheless, some online courses have incorporated chat, instant messaging or even video conferencing. This helps in bring one closer to the college and enhance learning through these channels. This is getting very popular among the learners and many colleges are already actively exploring the option in their course structure. Do check out Learning Supreme and Online Learning for more related information.

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