Memory Improvement - Remembering NamesWhen we are required to remember names, many will take the path of avoidance. They may suddenly realize that they have no idea who they are actually talking to. They may have already forgotten the name of the person. Well, many will try to avoid the name at all cost, but that may proof to be a challenge in the social setting. The following are some of the steps that may help you remembering the names.
1) Listen
To remember a name, you must first know what the name is. This may be contributed by us not paying enough attention when the name was being mentioned. The best way is to repeat the name to yourself immediately after it is mentioned. If you miss it, ask the person to repeat it. Do attempt to use the name aloud even during the conversation to aid in remembering.

2) Find a Substitute Word or Phrase for the Name
A key technique in memory improvement is substituting. This can be quite fun and will help you remembering lots of things beside the names. To be able to do this, you must first give a meaning to the name, then choose a word or phrase that sounds like the name and finish with imagining a picture to associate with it. For instance, if the name is Walker, picture the walker of an old man. You will always be able to find a substitute, you just need to be bit more creative. Well, the bigger the picture, the better it will always be.

3) Examine the Face of the Person
If there is any features of the person that stick out such as a crooked nose or receding hairline and associate it with the name. The next time when you met with the person again, you will be able to use that feature to help in remembering the name. You may also use the substitute image imagined in step 2 above to associate with the feature of the person, that will also be helpful in remembering.

It is never easy to remember names, but the above steps can certainly of good help. Listen, substitute, examine, associate and imagining will all help you to remember the name. It does take some practice. Do try it out.
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