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We often associate teenager with rebellion as they seem to go hand in hand. In the early years, such kids are already considered as adult. But now, we typically label them as rebellion especially when they begin to make decision for themselves.

There is one thing that may help is to think the choices that adults usually make. If these kids make a decision that you couldn’t concur, but it is a typical decision that adults make, then it may not be a rebellion after all, it is just a growing up process for the kids. For instance, their choice of clothing or hair style may not be what you are familiar with, but if we them and live in their era, we may have chosen the same style as them. It’s just a growing up process.

Some parents who homeschool their kids allow them to make many choices instead of telling them what should be done. They simply list the things for them to complete and leave to them to get it done in their own pace. So we “respect” their decision as adult decision, we may not find them rebellious at all and we will be at peace with them. Do consider.

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