Kids Learning OnlineYour kids may have been homeschooled now and they are enjoying the process. But you need to consider how long more you want to keep them in or allow them to go to public school to socialize too. Well, you may not need to stop it after all. Let’s consider some of the factors.


Does your kid have friends?

Even when your kids are homeschooled, they can have their friends too. They can have a couple of good friends, they may schedule some of the time together and see each other at the homeschooling events, games or get-togethers. They can play well and have good conversation with these friends too.


However, they do not need to see their friends every day.

Well, it is not the quantity of friends that these kids need; rather it is the quality of the relationships. The kids are likely to make friends with those of similar interest or even age. Do consider if the kid meet new friends well, if he has a couple of good friends, if he is an extrovert and needs lots of interaction and if he will not succumb to peer pressures. All these are key factors to consider before you determine if you want to put the kids to school. Does he want to go to school in the first place? Well, do consider all these factors before deciding whether to stop the homeschool and send the kid to school.

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