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Michael Tipper and Memory Improvement

Michael Tipper and Memory Improvement

This post discuss on a video that covers Michael Tipper who shares on various techniques to improve the memory. He named several steps for consideration. Read on

Speed Reading technique to enhance memory

Speed Reading - Memory Improvement

This post reviews the Speed Reading techniques as a mean to improve memory. The technique will help to condition the data so that our mind can better accept the information. Read on

Video – Maximise the Power of Your Brain

Mind mapping - memory

This post covers a video interview of Tony Buzan specifically on Mind mapping and how it helps one enhance the thinking process as well as memory power. Read on

Exercising Your Memory

Exercising your brain

This post discusses the few ways to exercise and enhance the memory. By keeping to these schedule, you will certainly able to have a great and powerful memory. Read on

Practice-based Memory Improvement

Practice Based memory improvement

This post looks at the need to practice continuously till we gotten the desired improvement of memory. It’s only through these practice that we could eventually recall the key information and techniques. Read on

Speed Up Your Memory

Memory speed up

This post discusses the methods to speed up your memory and prevent memory loss. Various memory improvement exercises as well as good habits are discussed.
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Memory Improvement with Peg method

Memory improvement

This post discusses a method called Peg Method in improving memory. Basically it enhances our memory by pegging the things we want to remember to numbers and by clustering it together, we could even able to recall many more things. Read on

How to Supercharge your Memory easily?

Supercharging the Memory

This post discusses the memory improvement technique that helps to remember names and numbers. Both methods require practice for it to be 2nd nature of our life and greatly enhance our effectiveness. Read on

Improve brain and memory power

This post reviews a video that show a way to increase brain power with a word exercise. By constantly practicing the word exercise, one will be able improve the brain power and hence the memory.
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Memory Improvement Games

Memory Improvement Games

This post describes various Memory Improvement games for both Kids and Adults. It will be truly exciting to get into playing of these games while working on our brain, making us rather effective. Read on